True Purpose
March 10, 2008

... Pleasure

Purpose is not something that can be discerned from a book or a television show, and certainly not from the internet! I have read through a number of websites that provide techniques for selecting your purpose from a laundry list of items. The techniques are quite brilliant, and I think many writers are eloquent and talented at what they produce. My problem is that I have been unable to create the laundry list. If I cannot come up with a wide, expansive list of what could possibly be my purpose, then I cannot narrow my selection to the relative few that might be true for me.

Conversations about the power of intention and the law of attraction are imminent at this time. There is a heightened energy in the world (as described by Eckhart Tolle and countless other teachers) as regular people try to create lives for themselves based on their life purpose. The first counsel given by authors of books like The Secret and Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting (both of which I own and enjoy) is to get into a good-feeling space. Just feel good, and that begins the process. It sounds so simple.

I am learning quickly that I do not spend much time feeling good. I am not depressed or even sad much of the time, yet I live my life in a space that varies someplace between worry and desperation. I am afraid, more afraid of things going wrong than I am confident that they will always go right. My life always goes right – that is to say, the resolution is always something positive and uplifting. Ultimately, when I reach the end of that road, I understand why things transpired the way that they do. I know that they could not have gone any other way and still have been to my best benefit.

But what is missing from my daily life is pleasure. What a sinful, sexy, volatile word. It is what religions tell their patrons will cause them to fall from divine grace into hell; what parents tell their children will get them knocked up and kicked out of the house; and what diet counselors tell hopefuls will sway their efforts to lose the 10 pounds they need to. Or 100 pounds, for that matter. Pleasure. According to these messages, a world without pleasure would be a much better place.

I do not believe that pleasure should be eliminated. I believe that we were created with the ability to experience pleasure so that life would be truly enjoyable. However, I think we have become sidetracked in affiliating pleasure with people, things and experiences that lead us to our demise rather than to our enlivening. True pleasure, I believe, is a physical experience that allows us to feel the joy of God. The experience of pleasure is the greatest gift from the divine to the physical being.

My task over the next few days will be to observe moments in my day when I experience pleasure. Let’s get away from the obscene talk right now – this is not about sex or sensuality, though a perfectly valid option. There are seven chakras and sexuality is affiliated with the second lowest chakra. There is nothing wrong with this, but my intention is to identify higher pleasures rather than those that seem to get people into trouble. I know simple, “sinful” pleasures – but what else is pleasurable in this world?

This week, My Purpose Is to discover what brings me Pleasure.

True Purpose
March 8, 2008

What Am I Doing Here?

I am no different from anyone on the planet. Not really. We all have the same experiences in our lives. We live in the same hell. We have the same insecurities. Although humans are adept at distinguishing themselves from one another, the truth is that our identification with what we are is nothing more than an ego identity. It is part of the facade, the falseness that we identify as you and me. Imagine how our lives could be if we could lift the veil and see what exists underneath the facade of humanity.

Welcome to my first blog. I have been thinking and considering, and rethinking and reconsidering my purpose in life. Not my function, not my “ego” identified role which includes being a researcher at a local university, a wife, an athlete, and a veggie lover. I have come to realize that at age 32 (turning 33 in April), I am just beginning to look beneath the veil and discover who I really am in this world. Self discovery is an impressive and awe-inspiring process. Once you determine Who You Are, you can never go back to the sleepy hallows of a mundane existence. You become someone new. The easier you accept Who You Are, the more readily you can live your true purpose.

My Purpose Is
to discover Who I Am, what I enjoy, what I love, and what brings me joy. When I know the answers to these questions, I can work on accepting Who I Am and learn to Be. This blog is my personal ode to myself and my journey. You may see yourself reflected here. My intention is to tell my truth with the hopes of resonating with the truth that lives inside of you. After all, we are made of the same source energy. Ultimately, my life is your life. We effect one another. We are the same. Join me as I realize what My Purpose Is, and get ready for a wonderful ride!

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